28-30 Oct 2005. Last Landscape, choreography by J. Nadj. "Look with the whole body, like a painter, transpose a vision, create a show from that experience". This is what Josef Nadj tries to do, together with composer-percussionist Vladimir Tarasov. On the stage, images replace words, while dialogue weaves itself between music and dance. The musician-impro artist arranges his sounds and rhythms in a number of variations. The choreographer-dancer describes a subtle world with gestures and masks. Josef Nadjs Last Landscape is in fact a self-portrait. The origin of this show is a real place, near his home village in present-day Serbia-Montenegro, a place that has influenced his choreographer since his childhood.

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Address Teatro delle Passioni, tel. 059302858.

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Josef Nadj in Last Landscape.

Teatro delle Passioni, tel. 059302858.