Jan Fabre

In Drugs Kept Me Alive, choreography by Jan Fabre. This provocative work is described as a monologue that explores the existence of a man who is addicted to the full-on chemical high of living his life on pharmaceuticals – and the paradox that the closer these bring him to death, the more drugs he then needs to keep him alive. Fabre created the show specifically with its performer, Antony Rizzi, in mind. Rizzi joined the Frankfurt Ballet at the age of 20 and was assistant to the great choreographer William Forsythe.

It is a wild performance about excess, greed and the ecstasy of consumption. As well as the protagonist, Fabre employs actors, dancers and musicians to paint a provocative panorama of a credit card society that indulges in every possible fetish. Although Fabre is a much respected as an audacious international performance artist this is one of his few works to be seen in the US during his long career. Arena del Sole, tel. 0512910910 www.arenadelsole.it.

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