The foundation of Rome, supposedly by Romulus 2,758 years ago, is traditionally remembered on Wed 21 April. Romes birthday or the natale di Roma, will be celebrated Sat 17 April-Wed 21 April by the Gruppo Storico Romano, an association that recreates the characters and customs of ancient Rome with costumes and parades, and also runs a gladiator training school.

On Sat 17 April, visitors can see the associations headquarters in Via Appia Antica 18, where a castrum, or legionnaires camp, will be set up, complete with tents and training grounds. They can also visit the Museo del Legionario Romano, with displays of copies of ancient uniforms and accessories, as well as weapons and war machines. From 18.00 the pageant to select dea Roma, who will lead the next days parade, will take place at the restaurant La dea di Roma in Via Ardeatina 580. There will be a meal based on ancient Roman recipes (cost 25), as well as period music and dances.

On Sun 18 April an elaborate parade will start at Circo Massimo at 11.00, before moving up Via di S. Gregorio to the Colosseum, along Via dei Fori Imperiali. back to Circo Massimo, and then down Viale Terme di Caracalla, and through Piazzale Numa Pompilio to the associations headquarters in Via Appia Antica. From 15.00 there will be displays of gladiator fighting, music and dancing at the headquarters.

On Mon 19 April a group of modern-day vestal virgins will be at the round temple in Via Petroselli 11.00-16.00, where they will re-enact an ancient ritual to celebrate the foundation of Rome.

On Tues 20 April, at the ludus magnus, or gladiatorial training ground, near the Colosseum, there will be demonstrations of gladiator games, 11.00-16.00. At 18.00 there will be a conference at the Museo del Legionario Romano entitled "La fondazione di Roma: 3,000 anni e la storia continua".

On Wed 21 April, a ceremony will take place at 11.00 to re-enact the establishment of the city confines, as they were first traced by Romulus nearly 3,000 years ago.

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Address For information contact the Gruppo Storico Romano, tel. 06 51607951, e-mail:

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Happy Birthday Rome

For information contact the Gruppo Storico Romano, tel. 06 51607951, e-mail: