Forum Austriaco di Cultura

8 March. Violin and piano recital by Nikolaj Znaider and Robert Kulek (20.30). This event takes place at the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

11 March. Comic workshop for fine arts students by the illustrator Ulli Lust (15.00).

12 March. In collaboration with the Goethe Institut, the illustrator and author Ulli Lust presents her graphic novel entitled Oggi è l’ultimo giorno del resto della tua vita (20.30). This event takes place at the Goethe Institut.

19 March. Recital by Agnes Palmisano soprano and Clara Fruhstuck. A selection of contemporary lieders make up the programme. The event marks the 90th birthday of the Austrian composers Walter Deutsch and Clemens Breisach (20.00).

Viale Bruno Buozzi 113, tel. 063608371,

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