31 Oct 2009. In Hell, choreography by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. Internationally acclaimed for its innovative pieces, Emio Greco/PC, founded by the Italian dancer and choreographer Greco himself together with his Dutch partner, Pieter C. Scholten, offers an unconventional interpretation of contemporary dance. Hell explores the concept of hell without a clear story line, inviting the audience to interpert it on its own. The stage is bare, with a single leafless tree and a glowing archway. The music is a strange mixture of haunting natural sounds and snippets of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. But the most powerful parts of the performance are when the music diminshes to a barely audible hum, and the sound that comes forth is that of the dancers' breathing. Greco and Scholten's uncompromising and minimalist vision of contemporary dance is probably best suited to an audience which is already knowledgeable and appreciative of the genre.

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Address Teatro Teatro Comunale, tel. 0532202675.

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Emio Greco/PC

Teatro Teatro Comunale, tel. 0532202675.