18 Mar 2006. In Reflection, choreography by and with Tanya Khabarova. Inspired by images of the Creation, Reflection takes us on a journey from birth, through pain and disappointment to the hope of love and beyond. To the sound of a repetitive jazz refrain, Khabarova opens up her suitcase of goodies candle, book, hammer and places them, ritual-like, on a table, to create the first of many penetrating images. In the 55-minute solo without words Khabarova has a compelling stage presence and holds the audience throughout. Easing a pair of wings over her arms, she vainly attempts to fly; eating an apple happily, her face is quickly reduced to pain. The St Petersburg-based physical theatre company, Derevo, never fails to leave a lasting impression.

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Address Teatro Gustavo Modena, tel. 010412135.

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Derevo Physical Theatre.

Teatro Gustavo Modena, tel. 010412135.