21, 22 Oct 2005. In Pour Penthsile. The performance is a stage narrative that re-evokes the frontiers between dance, drama and video technology. But it is also a show that rejects conventional modes of creation with a single protagonist Daria Lippi who gives life to the work thanks to a tacit exchange between director and choreographers. Eric Lacascade, who has for years worked with the actress/dancer/performer Lippi at the Centre dramatique national de Caen, is the director. The choreographers are Hla Fattoumi, Loc Touz, Rgine Chopinot. Pour Penthesile took shape during a long series of workshops, both group and individual, in one-to-one exchanges between each choreographer and Lippi.

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Address Teatro delle Passioni, tel. 059302858.

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Daria Lippi-CDN de Normandie-Comedie de Caen.

Teatro delle Passioni, tel. 059302858.