2, 3 Dec 2005. In Big in Bombay, choreography by C. Macras. In her new project, choreographer and dancer Constanza Macras deals with issues of cultural context and identity. Born in 1970 in Buenos Aires, Macras is now based in Berlin where she has found fertile soil for her cross-genre dance/theatre/music projects. The work apparently takes place in a waiting room. In fact, India is the cultural backdrop upon which Macras has found inspiration. Bollywood and traditional Indian dance offer a rich repertoire that flows into dance, speech and acting. The issues addressed range from advertising and the compulsion to consume to all facets of human anxiety and even to the fear of terrorism.

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Address Teatro Comunale, tel. 0532202675.

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Constanza Macras/Dorky Park.

Teatro Comunale, tel. 0532202675.