Concerts at S. Ivo alla Sapienza

11 July-11 Aug. The location for these concerts is the beautiful courtyard of S. Ivo alla Sapienze between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

This year there are 15 concerts by the International Chamber Ensemble conducted by Francesco Carotenuto divided into various sections: That fascinating Melody, music from Vivaldi to Gershwin, Brahms to the Beatles (11-14 July and 6-8 Aug); Noche de Tango (16 July and 25 July); Unforgettable sound tracks - Mary Poppins, Star Wars, Mission, Gladiator, Shindler's List (18-21 July and 7-11 Aug); Rossini, Mozart and Beethoven (28-30 July and 1-4 Aug).

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