Concert for Anidan

Proceeds from this charity event go to Anidan, an NGO that cares for the needs of young children on the impoverished island of Lamu on Kenya’s northern coast. The Anidan Shelter houses some 100 children, but feeds, dresses, cares for and educates over 200. It also collaborates in the running of a paediatric hospital and plans to distribute 15,000 child health cards for free medical attention. 

“Music for Lamu” is a project that involves children music students at S. Cecilia and aims to provide the Kenyan children with a music education and a means to overcome serious poverty and marginalisation. As well as raising funds, this concert celebrates the Anidan-S. Cecilia collaboration and showcases the work of all the children involved in the project. The concert is performed by S. Cecilia’s Juniorchestra and Youth Choir together with the Lamu Junior Band. At. 17.00. Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale P. de Coubertin. For booking and information tel. 068082858,