3, 4 Dec 2005. In Isadora.orb, choreography by A. Jabor. The full title of this work is Isadora.Orb, The Final Metaphor. It is based on a thesis by Brazilian designer Ricky Seabra in which he designed a module for the arts for the international space station called The ISADORA Module, named after Isadora Duncan. In this theatre/dance work, Ricky Seabra and choreographer Andrea Jabor explore the poetics of sending artists into space to create works of art. They present, for example, a history of art in space showing the first song written in space and a replica of the first sculpture set on the moon. The piece flows between dance, object theatre, story-telling and documentary. At times it becomes a manifesto against sciences monopoly over space exploration. In the piece, the two artists meet virtually on a screen in a sort of live film-making, creating poetic dialogues of image and movement. The public is always aware of how the projected images are being built as they watch the artists involved in the creative process on stage. As Seabra and Jabor delve into the poetic potential of zero gravity and orbital movement, they seek to unveil The Final Metaphor.

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Address Teatro Due, tel. 0521230242.

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Companhia Andrea Jabor e Ricky Seabra.

Teatro Due, tel. 0521230242.

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