5 Mar 2008. In La fin des Terres, choreography by Philippe Genty. Using puppetry, illusion and physical theatre, La fin des Terres is a journey though a world of limitless possibility. Genty, who is a master of illusion, dives deep into the subconscious and creates a series of extraordinary tableaux which are by turn whimsical, melancholy, and playful. The work follows the journey of two people, conjuring a cast of enigmatic characters to reveal secret emotions and hidden histories. Breathing life into huge animated forms that drift along on a surreal journey, Genty continues his captivating and passionate exploration of undiscovered worlds with puppetry, illusion and mime.

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Address Teatro Comunale, tel. 0471304130, .
Website www.ntbz.net

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Compagnie Philippe Genty.

Teatro Comunale, tel. 0471304130, .