16-21 May 2006. In La Historia, choreography by Miguel Angel Zotto. Four couples perform, in various groupings, numbers suggestive of everything from the sexual, to the wanton, to the downright seamy all of them tango. The show spans practically the entire history of the tango, with its backstreet beginnings in the brothels of Buenos Aires, to the more refined nightclub nuances acquired during the tangos heyday in Paris in the 1930s, on to the rustic variants of the milonga style of tango dancing. A full tango band - conducted by a master of the bandoneon - performs with gusto both Carlos Gardel classics like La Cumparsita and more modern numbers such as Astor Piazzolas Libertango.

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Address Teatro Sistina, Via Sistina 129, tel. 064200711.

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Compagnia Tango x 2.

Teatro Sistina, Via Sistina 129, tel. 064200711.