12 April 2006. In Mizukagami Lo specchio dacqua, choreography by Tadashi Endo. Set in Japan in the spring of 1923, when married women were legally persecuted if they were found to have a lover, Mizukagami is the story of a beautiful noble woman stuck in an unhappy marriage. She escapes from her husbands family to follow a famous painter whom she has secretly loved and to whom she wants to confess her passion before dying, but a mysterious street artist enters her life... The work is based on a story by Kyoka Izumi and comes to life in a mix of contemporary dance, Butoh, classical Japanese dance and experimental opera. The choreographer, Tadashi Endo has a long experience of working with the greatest representatives of Butoh as well as N and Kabuki Theatre. His recent work includes Butoh mixed with multimedial experiments.

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Address Teatro Gustavo Modena, tel. 010412135.

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Compagnia Shotakutoh.

Teatro Gustavo Modena, tel. 010412135.