14-15 Oct 2006. In La pornographie des mes. Back in 1999, when he made his debut, St-Pierre was immediately labelled an enfant terrible of dance. Since then he has kept his radical approach, but has gained in stature, maturity and critical notoriety. La Pornographie des mes is a tour de force, a vaudeville-style burlesque review, a succession of sketches, some funny, some sad, some rude, some crude, some beautiful and emotive. The company includes St-Pierre himself a compact, taut, knot of a man who, despite living with cystic fibrosis has power, strength and agility. In this work he exposes his sexuality, the inconsolable pain of past and unrequited love, his battle with his physical being, as a dancer, performer and lover, living with a cruel, disabling, potentially terminal, illness.

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Address Teatro dellElfo, tel. 0226681166.
Website www.elfo.org

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Compagnia Dave St-Pierre.

Teatro dellElfo, tel. 0226681166.