Casa di Goethe

The Casa di Goethe presents an exhibition entitled Grilli e polvere: Paesaggi italiani ai tempi di Goethe. The precious watercolours, from its own collection, are by German landscape artists such as Heinrich Cotta, Jakob Philipp Hackert, Wilhelm Friedrich Gmelin and Joseph Anton Koch, all of whom were active in Italy at the time of Goethe. The German artists' work is shown alongside that of Rome's Carlo Labruzzi, whose work is represented in collections such as the British Museum, the V&A, and the Vatican Library, and was much sought after by the Grand Tourists of the day. Aside from the quality of the art work on show, the exhibition offers a fascinating glimpse into Italian life in the 18th century. Casa di Goethe, Via del Corso 18, tel. 0632650412,