British School at Rome

23 Jan. Ufuc Kocabas gives a lecture on Theodosius Harbour and Yenikapı Byzantine Shipwrecks Excavation, İstanbul-Turkey (18.00-19.30).

24 Jan. TV Advocacy For Heritage is the title of a discussion of television’s role in advocacy for cultural heritage. Organised in partnership with Heritage/RAI with a panel of speakers representing Italian and international media and heritage sectors (16.00-19.30).

30 Jan. Patrizia Cavazzini lectures on Displaying art in seventeenth-century Roman houses (18.00-19.30).

5 Feb. Conference by Rahul Mehrotra who concludes the cycle Urban Landscapes-Indian Case Studies. The conference introduces the exhibition The Kinetic City (5-26 Feb) in which the architect and urbanist Mehrotra takes into consideration alternative forms of urbanization. Exhibition stays open from 16.30 to 19.30. Sun and Mon closed.

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