Bratislava National Ballet

In Onegin, choreography by Vasili Medvedev. In 1999 the St Petersburg-trained Medvedev was awarded the Pushkin Legacy Ballet Award for this work. Originally created for the Prague National Ballet, it is based on the music by Tchaikovsky. The story of the aristocratic, bored Onegin who wrecks the lives of Tatiana, the young woman who loves him, and the young lovers Olga and Lensky, follows a libretto similar to the better-known version by John Cranko. But as is frequent in recent Russian ballets, Medvedev avoids traditional mime in favour of literal touches: a passionate kiss in a short dream pas de deux; Tatiana and Onegin rolling over and over in a nightmare of rape. Teatro Comunale Pavarotti, tel. 0592033010, 


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