Best views of Rome

Rome is inundated with beautiful views, in fact there is a spectacular panorama attached to each of the city's hills. The best-known views are from the Fontanone on the Gianicolo hill, from the Pincio above Piazza del Popolo, and of course from St Peter's dome. However there are three views that are not as well-known. The first of these is from the Victor Emmanuel monument in Piazza Venezia, whose summit can be reached using a lift. The second view is from inside the Scuderie del Quirinale, one of the capital's premiere art venues, and the third view is from the top of Palazzo Caffarelli on the Campidoglio. To access this last view, take Via di Villa Caffarelli from Piazza del Campidoglio and about half way up there is a small door on the left-hand side. Follow the steep steps inside to the first floor where you will find one of the best views ever, complete with a restaurant and bar.