24-30 June 2006. In La Vestale, choreography by Paul Chalmer. Chosen to open the Teatro dellOperas summer season at the Baths of Caracalla, the two-act ballet was first choreographed by the Neapolitan dancer and choreographer Salvatore Vigan in 1813 and is based on the opera, with the same name, by Spontini. Vigan was considered by his contemporaries as the creator of the coreodramma, and his tombstone calls him sommo tra i coreografi. His single greatest characteristic was his use of rhythmic pantomime, halfway between normal imitative gesture and dancing, with complete subordination of both to music.

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Address Terme di Caracalla, tel. 06481601.

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Balletto del Teatro dellOpera.

Terme di Caracalla, tel. 06481601.