12-13 March 2006. In La Cit Radieuse, choreography by Frederic Flamand. The Belgian choreographer, Flamand, started his dance and architecture project as director of Charleroi Danses in Brussels, but ended it as director of the Ballet National de Marseille. In Marseilles, Flamand continues to reflect on the relationship between dance and architecture, two disciplines he says with the capacity to structure space. La Cit Radieuse a collaboration between Flamand and French urbanist and architect Dominique Perrault was inspired in part by Le Corbusiers masterpiece of the same name, also located in Marseilles. Featured in the performance are Perraults mobile screens, which refer to Le Corbusiers Modulor, a scale of proportions based on human measurements. Perrault uses woven metallic cloth and mesh screens to construct a system of appearance and disappearance. Manipulated by the dancers, the screens become surfaces onto which images are projected. As a result, the viewers cannot be sure whether they are watching the dancers from the front, the side or above. The barrier between audience and stage no longer exists.

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Address Teatro Due, tel. 0521230242.

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Ballet National de Marseille.

Teatro Due, tel. 0521230242.