7 April 2006. In Oberons Flower- Who do you love?, choreography by Amanda Miller. In 1993 Amanda Miller founded Pretty Ugly Dance Company with clearly discernible classical ballet roots. But the forms and patterns of classical technique are continuously being re-built and re-shaped by Miller herself, an artist in constant search of new possibilities. She constructs bridges between different eras and styles, inventing hybrid forms of movement while literary and artistic influences inhabit her work. In 1997 the company entered into a co-operative venture with the Stadttheater Freiburg, and Miller has named her company Ballet Freiburg Pretty Ugly for her partners. Apparently, "Pretty Ugly" refers to the fact that we each have our own perception, and what is beautiful to one may be ugly to another. Oberon s Flower Who do you love? is based on Shakespeare s comedy A Midsummer Night s Dream. Miller says that what fascinated her in the play, was the physical transformation, from human being to supernatural being.

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Address Teatro Comunale, tel. 0592033010.

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Ballet Freiburg Pretty Ugly.

Teatro Comunale, tel. 0592033010.