20, 21 May 2005. In Brazilian Rapsody, choreographies by Amelia Conrado, R. Silvestre, Walson Bothelo, J.C. Arandiba. Formed in 1988 by director and choreographer Walson Botelho, this is Brazils only professional folk dancing company. The group presents music and dance that reflect the unique cultural mix in Brazil. The African influence is particularly obvious, but indigenous traditions and those of the Portuguese colonisers are also part of the repertoire. Highlights include Maculele and Capoeira. In the first, male dancers in pairs alternate kicks and quick spins with striking the stick of their opponent. Capoeira shows moves from this Brazilian martial arts form, including controlled dives to the floor and freezes that have been incorporated into break-dancing and hip-hop. The performance, which is a whirl of movement, colour and rhythm, also presents quiet moments and is backed on stage by a live musical ensemble. The singers, Dora Santana and Miralva Couto, are resplendent in African headdresses, and are accompanied by saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute and, of course, drums.

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Address Teatro Romolo Valli, tel. 0552458811.

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Bale Folclorico da Bahia.

Teatro Romolo Valli, tel. 0552458811.