Baldo Diodato: Performance

14 Oct. Continuing the mapping of the sampietrini cobblestones of Rome's historic centre, through a process of acquiring the traces, even miniscule, left by millions of people in transit through Roman streets, Baldo Diodato will be at Piazza de' Ricci (opposite Pierluigi restaurant) on Saturday 14 October at midday, for a performance in which the audience will be involved creatively.

The event is organised by MAC and is linked to the exhibition Baldo Diodato: Pedibus calcantibus. The event is also included in the programme of Rome Art Week and is part of the Giornata del Contemporaneo.

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Address Piazza de’ Ricci (Via di Monserrato)

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Baldo Diodato: Performance

Piazza de’ Ricci (Via di Monserrato)