Ristorante Pierluigi

Character, vivacity, courtesy and quality all combine to make the restaurant a point of reference for Roman and international diners alike, and the preferred choice of anyone who appreciates good food.

The cuisine is traditional and at the same time inventive, hitting heights of excellence as a result of the constant care and attention for taste evolutions and the use of the highest quality ingredients.

The menu's distinctive dishes draw their inspiration from a vast selection of seasonal ingredients. The restaurant's wine-cellar boasts a selection of 450 wines from every region of Italy, as well as a comfortable wine bar that also offers a wine-tasting menu.

The rest falls into place with the eagerness, thoughtful service and cordiality of the restaurant staff and a convivial atmosphere that makes every customer feel at home and a guest of honour at the same time.


General Info

Address Piazza de' Ricci, 144, 00186 Roma, Italia
Phone number 066861302

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Ristorante Pierluigi

Piazza de' Ricci, 144, 00186 Roma, Italia