Our readers' top five favourite things about living in Italy

Wanted in Rome recently asked our readers to list their top five favourite things about living in Italy. Here are their replies.

Juan Carlos Gomez

1. You can walk for 10 minutes and see so much history within that time.

2. Water fountains (the ones for art and the ones that provide drinking water).

3. The best spaghetti alla carbonara.

4. The magnificent monuments.

5. The people who live here are gorgeous and amazing.

Modesto III Banzon

1. Italy has undoubtedly the best tasting pizza ever and gelato!

2. You'll meet the coolest and the nicest people everyday.

3. Italy is breathtaking. Just wow. Beautiful places everywhere.

4. Living in the past and present day at the same freaking time.

5. Massive love and respect for the culture and arts.

Amy Bruni

1. The culture of food from mozzarella and parmigiano, prosciutto and salami, to gelato and wines!

2. The mainstream of taking the month of August off and closing everything down to “vacate” because they work to live not live to work!

3. The natural beauty of diverse landscapes and stunning architecture, which is often enjoyed during the ritual “passegiata” and the rich history!

4. The importance of friends and family and the custom of making time to spend together - be it for an aperitivo, cena or a simple gelato or even just caffè which is less than 1Euro!!

5. The art of fashion and style, which seems to be innate.

Gabriella Vizzutti

1. Italians actually believe that if you go outside with wet hair you will get sick. Even if it's 90 degrees.

2. You may not be able to satisfy your munchies at 3:00 am like you can in the states, but if you happen to need flowers in the middle of the night, the flower stands, strangely, never close.

3. Singing loudly and enthusiastically in public is not only accepted, but a normality.

4. You can walk around the city and see passionate love notes spray-painted all over. (And we all thought Paris was the city of love!)

5. Italians are far more invested in the "people" then in the "production"; Italians are open and generous people.

Avila Nylanrev

1. No need to find Starbucks.. caffè is all over Italy. The taste is superb.

2. I love their gelato.

3. Very fascinated of their hand gesture every time they talk.

4. Too many ancient places.

5. Not expensive to live compare to Paris and London.

Valeria Frezzolini

1_2_3_4_5....because it`s Italy! What more can I say???


1. Your beauty as a black woman is sempre acknowledged.

2. Even when broke, you can eat good tasty food.

3. Walks by the Colosseum when you can't afford to travel, makes you feel like a a millionaire.

4. You slowly acquire expensive taste in art, food, wine, chocolates, fashion and even religion, haha.

5. You slowly become proud to be Roman by association.

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