Rome to send 400 tons of trash per day to Aprilia

Lazio Region helps Rome as capital requests Abruzzo to take city's garbage.

The Lazio regional government will take 400 tons of Rome's trash per day following a deal between Rida Ambiente, the company that manages a waste facility plant in Aprilia, south of the capital, and Lazio Ambiente, the Regione Lazio subsidiary that manages a landfill site in Colleferro, south-east of Rome.
The move sees the Lazio region add an additional 300 tons of garbage a day to the existing 100 tons its processes daily for Rome at Aprilia, following the massive fire that destroyed the capital's waste treatment plant at TMB Salario on 11 December.
Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi welcomed the agreement with the Lazio Region as "an important step forward" but admitted there was "still much work to be done" in relation to the capital's rubbish crisis.
Rome has also sent a formal request to the neighbouring Abruzzo region to accept Rome rubbish from Rome from January 2019, seeking to extend an existing agreement which expires at the end of this year.
The capital's rubbish system has been thrown into crisis after the destruction of the crucial Salario refuse facility which handled 800 tons of rubbish per day, the equivalent of between 20 and 25 per cent of Rome's total waste.
The deal with the Lazio region comes amid increasing cases of rubbish piling up on Rome's streets and reports of potential toxic contamination of the food chain following the TMB Salario fire. 
A police investigation is ongoing into the cause of the blaze, with sabotage and arson not being ruled out.
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