Rome issues new electronic identity cards

Rome replaces paper carte d'identità with electronic identity cards.

Rome is issuing plastic identity cards, or carte d'identità, replacing the existing paper format with a credit card-sized electronic card.

All new or renewed identity cards are electronic and fitted with microchips linked to a centralised digital public identification system.

The capital has experienced significant delays in rolling out the system since it was introduced two years ago. However the city says the average waiting time for new carte d'identità has been reduced from 114 days in July to 81 days in early December.

The current waiting times in Rome vary hugely, depending on your address. For residents of Ponte Milvio there is just a one-day wait, while residents of Municipio III in the north-east of the capital must wait 153 days. There is currently a 35-day wait for residents of the city-centre Municipio I at the anagrafe on Via Petroselli.

The electronic identity cards, which cost €22.21, are issued for a ten-year period for adults; five years for minors aged between three and 18; and three years for children under three years of age. 

Existing paper carte d'identità remain valid until their expiry date. For full details of how to request the electronic card see city website.