Rome libraries open their gardens for outdoor study and smart-working

Open-air study and work in outdoor spaces at Rome libraries.

Rome's city libraries have opened their gardens and courtyards for outdoor study and smart-working this summer.

The service is available by appointment at the following libraries this month:

Aldo Fabrizi, Arcipelago, Casa del Parco, Casa delle Letterature, Collina della Pace, Colli Portuensi, Cornelia, Flaminia, Giovenale, Laurentina, Mameli, Marconi, Onofri, Rugantino, Tullio De Mauro, Vaccheria Nardi, Villa Leopardi and Villino Corsini.

The same libraries are offering cultural events in the evenings, from book presentations and readings to live music and workshops.

Full information, including the varying opening hours, is available on the Biblioteche di Roma website.

Photo Casa delle Letterature. Credit Premio Strega.