It was an ecstatic night of celebrations for Italians everywhere, with the Azzurris 2-0 win over Germany in last nights semi final match.

In Rome there were 50,000 transfixed in front of Circo Massimos maxi screen, with delirious fans screaming, chanting, blowing trumpets and flag-waving in an ever-growing frenzy.

Around 30 million viewers were glued in front of their televisions at home, in their local bars or in front of giant screens in one of the numerous piazzas catering for this important event.

In Romes Goethe Institut (via Savoia) over 1,000 German supporters watched the game on the maxi screen with the commentary in German. Michael Gerds, the German ambassador was present, alongside other German diplomats, businessmen, students and tourists.

After the game, the entire city seemed to spill out into the street, the horn blowing was deafening and sleep impossible for anyone living in the capitals centro storico.

The traffic police at first tried to block off the streets to prevent such an outpour into the city centre but had to concede defeat when faced with the many thousands of people, motorbikes and cars that kept arriving in triumphant victory along Via del Corso. Italians gathered for further celebrations in Piazza Venezia amid hugs, tears, torches, fireworks and red, white and green smoke.

Similar scenes were played out in Milans Piazza Duomo, where 20,000 fans were present, and throughout the country.

For many, last nights game was reminiscent of Italys 4-3 win over Germany in the 1970 World Cup finals.

All eyes are now turned on to the decisive Portugal-France game on Wednesday 5 July to see which team Italy will face in Berlin on Sunday (kick off is at 21.00).