Rome bans fireworks on New Year's Eve

Rome mayor bans use of firecrackers and bangers over New Year.

Rome has banned the use of firecrackers, bangers, rockets and other explosive material from 31 December 2020 until midnight on 6 January 2021.

Those who fail to comply with the New Year legislation, signed by the city's mayor Virginia Raggi, risk fines of up to €500 in addition to having their fireworks confiscated.

The last-minute ban on petardi and botti, which and covers the entire area of Rome, excludes the use of safer and less noisy fireworks.

The mayor says the order is in place for people's safety as well as to avoid negative effects on pets, air pollution and damage to the city's archaeological heritage.

"Ensuring the safety of citizens is the priority" - said Raggi - "all the more so at an already critical moment for our hospitals, which are facing a health emergency.

The city will hold its official fireworks display over Circus Maximus as part of its Oltre Tutto celebrations.

Italy returns to being in a 'red zone' from 31 December, with the entire country effectively under lockdown during the biggest party night of the year.