Rome airport auctions unclaimed luggage

Annual blind auction draws large crowds

Rome's international airport Leonardo da Vinci holds its annual auction of abandoned or lost luggage, which has been left unclaimed in airport storage for the past year, on Saturday 28 February.

On offer is an array of objects sealed inside bags including computers, telephones, clothes, gifts, books and accessories  but due to the unconventional nature of the so-called "blind" auction, buyers will not know what they have purchased until after the hammer falls.

There are also larger items up for auction including prams and pushchairs, and even surf boards and canoes.

All luggage was abandoned in 2013 and the bags were only opened for security checks before being resealed and put into storage for the duration of 2014. The only objects removed from the suitcases – according to the airport  were food and perishable items.

The auction begins at 10.00 on 28 February at the airport's Epua 1 building, and is free and open to all.