Pope Francis Instagram page 'liked' Brazilian model’s sexy photo

Vatican investigates usage of Franciscus papal account after it 'liked' a racy picture on Instagram.

The Vatican has launched an investigation into how Pope Francis’ official Instagram account 'liked' a sexy photo of a scantily-clad Brazilian model, reports the Catholic News Agency (CNA).

An internal probe is underway into usage of the verified papal Instagram account, Franciscus, which is managed by a social media team and not the pontiff himself.

Franciscus 'liked' an Instagram picture of Natalia Garibotto standing at a school locker and wearing a lingerie outfit in the style of a school uniform.

The image in question was unliked by the papal account on 14 November after CNA asked the Holy See press office for comment. The Vatican declined to comment on the matter.

Before Franciscus unliked the image, the 27-year-old model claimed to have received the papal seal of approval, joking to her followers: "At least I’m going to heaven."