Italy: the most beautiful country in the world

A visual celebration of Italy's beauty, with uplifting message, goes viral.

Acclaimed Italian videomaker Oliver Astrologo released a new video on 17 March, the anniversary of the unification of Italy, to remind Italians of the country's tremendous beauty, particularly during these difficult times.

The video immediately went viral. "What a weird people we are, us Italians, we love contradictions. We live in the most beautiful country in the world and we act as if we don't know it."

Referring to the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus, the video continues: "Only now that its streets are empty and that all we can do is just enjoy its beauty looking out the window. Surrounded by silence out country looks to us even more wonderful. And we miss its beauty."

Narrated by Italian actor Paolo Buglioni, the video is a visual celebration of Italy's beautiful landscapes and sites, its people, traditions, craftsmanship and creativity, from north to south.

The video concludes with a message of hope, courage and national pride: "However one thing should cheer us up, which is that once this drama is over we will fill those squares again.

The beauty of our country will still be there for us to enjoy, because there, right outside our windows, there will still be our beloved, most beautiful country."