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In Italy, new Orient Express luxury train to link Venice, Rome and Palermo

Pre-bookings for La Dolce Vita from 6 December.

The new Orient Express ‘La Dolce Vita’ luxury train is set to take passengers across Italy from 2024, with the first pre-bookings available from 6 December.

The five-star service, run by the Accor group with the support of Trenitalia, will travel between the north and south of Italy along six exclusive itineraries.

The various routes will take visitors from the Alps to Tuscany and the beaches of the southern coast, incorporating Venice, Rome, Matera and Palermo, along more than 16,000 km of railway lines.

Central to the luxury travel experience will be two Orient Express hotels, set to open in early 2024, to host La Dolce Vita travellers: La Minerva in Rome and Palazzo Donà Giovannelli in Venice.

Orient Express La Dolce Vita

The designs by Dimorestudio aim to combine the Italian lifestyle with the spirit of contemporary travel, drawing inspiration from Italy's Dolce Vita era in the 1960s.

There will be 12 Deluxe cabins, 18 suites, one La Dolce Vita suite as well as a restaurant with "the best international chefs and sommeliers" to treat travellers to a five-star dining.

Prices on La Dolce Vita start from €2,000 per person per night in a deluxe cabin, with a deposit of €500 required to book as a “priority traveller”.

For full details see Orient Express La Dolce Vita website. Photo Dimorestudio.

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