Haircuts and fines


Ups and Downs in the terrible saga of covid-19.

It’s up in New York, where residents are getting their first haircuts since mid-March, stores have reopened for shopping and restaurants and bars are again offering outdoor service.

But Phase 2 in the US it is a sad comeback. The pandemic has killed almost 120.000 Americans up to now, and if New York is better many other cities and States are not.

It seems to be down in Ukraine, because its young President Zelensky was photographed in the city of Khmelnytsky drinking coffee with his entourage at a time when cafes were barred to serve customers inside.

Well, the café was fined the equivalent of almost 600 Euros, and the local authorities asked the Supreme Court to rule on whether an identical fine would breach the President’s legal immunity.

Zelensky responded immediately apologizing, and giving assurances that he will pay the café’s fine and of course any personal fine if it comes. Ukraine has reported 37.000 coronavirus cases and a thousand deaths. But the reaction to the President’s mistake is good news, Up.

Ph: ymgerman /