Segways go out of production

The Segway was supposed to be the real revolution in city mobility, but in almost twenty years it failed to break through and become a popular mean of transport in a city environment. 

The production of the iconic self-balanced parallel-wheeled scooter, as reported by Cnn and Forbes, has ceased on 15 July 2020, five years after it was bought fby a Chinese company. 

The debut on the market of the Segway PT (personal transporter) dates back to 3 December 2001, when it was first presented on the screens of Good Morning America.

The inventor, Dean Kamen, called it a revolution in urban transport, prophesizing the obsolescence of cars.

But already in 2015, with the invasion of electric scooters, it was the Segway that seemed obsolete and only the police, shopping mall security and tour operators continued to order it, among other things to a too small extent to justify the maintenance of production. 

Among the bizarre accidents in which the Segway was the main actor, there are the one occurred to the then US President George W. Bush while on vacation in Maine in 2003, the one to a cameraman who ran over Usain Bolt at the end of a race in 2015 and the one to Ellen DeGeneres, who fell during the shooting of one of her shows in 2010.

Ph: Cristian Puscasu /