Rome football legend Totti seeks help to find missing Rolex

Totti promises to retreive Rolex in person.

Francesco Totti, the former AS Roma football legend, has launched an appeal on social media requesting the public to assist him in finding his missing Rolex.

Totti took to Instagram to share his plight, asking his 3.7 million followers for their help in locating his precious watch "to which I was very close and with whom I shared my whole career."

Although he did not provide information of where the watch went missing, Totti went into some detail about the watch: "Daytona steel with a white dial and the strap has two plates with the letter C (Cristian and Chanel)." 

Totti even leaves a number to contact him in case someone finds the watch (3488888940) with the promise that, if the search is successful: "I will come and get it personally."

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