A report released by Romes municipal police in early October shows that less fines are being issued in the city. A total of 2,664,341 fines were given out in the period July 2003-June 2004, showing a decrease of 873,105 fines over the previous year. The historic centre accounted for 550,000 of the reduction, a fact that is attributed to the installation of surveillance cameras to identify people who come into the centre city without the required parking permits, an offence that also carries the deduction of one point from the driver's licence.

However the roads are not getting safer. During the same period there was an increase in the people killed in traffic accidents from 167 to 176, and the number of injured went up from 22,184 to 24,329. The road with the most accidents was Via Cristoforo Colombo with 1,002, followed by Via Casilina and Via Tiburtina with 931 and 848 accidents respectively. The most fatalities were on Via Palmiro Togliatti with six deaths.