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Euro 2020 and Wimbledon: Italy seeks double win in London today

Italy fights for victory in two of the world's top sporting events, in the same city, on the same day.

Between the Euro 2020 final in Wembley tonight and the Wimbledon final this afternoon, Sunday 11 July is a monumental day for Italian sports fans.

As if earning a place in the final against England in the Euro 2020 football tournament were not enough, Roman tennis ace Matteo Berrettini went on to battle his way to the Wimbledon final, becoming the first Italian ever to manage the feat.

Roberto Mancini's squad sent Italian football fans into delirium last Tuesday, after beating Spain, and then on Friday the 25-year-old tennis champion defeated Herbert Hurkacz to face world number 1 Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final.

Berrettini wrote on Instagram: "I am psyched and proud to be able to represent Italy in the most historic tennis stage in the world," before sending a message of good luck to the Italian football coach Roberto Mancini and all the Azzurri.

Ahead of the Euro 2020 final Mancini said: "We have to be calm knowing it will be a difficult match for many reasons, we have to be focused on our game."

"We will need a warm heart and a cold head" - said Italian captain Giorgio Chiellini - "Matches like this may never happen again in a footballer's career... We are all aware of the importance of the match."

The final at Wimbledon will begin at 14.00 (15.00 Italian time) while the Euro 2020 final kicks off in Wembley at 20.00 (21.00 Italian time).

Cover image: Firenze Post

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