Fiore, crudo e vapore

This newly-opened restaurant in the Via Veneto area has a strong emphasis on healthy eating and fresh, quality cuisine.

It offers plenty of vegetarian, vegan and raw food options, including a large assortment of smoothies and fruit juices.

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Its menu favours organic vegetables and fruit, with dishes fusing exotic ingredients such as goji berrries, lemongrass, quinoa, buckwheat, ginger, pineapple, seeds and herbs — all served either raw or steam-cooked. It also has a good selection of wine and champagne.

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The large, modern venue is open daily for lunch, aperitivo and dinner, and over the summer will open a 250-sqm terrace.  

11.00-midnight. For full details see website.

General Info

Address Via Boncompagni, 31-33
Phone number 0642020400

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Fiore, crudo e vapore

Via Boncompagni, 31-33