Watergate Nacht at Outdoor Extra

7 May. Outdoor Extra, a month-long cultural programme showcasing art, music, architecture, fashion, food and beverage at the disused military barracks on Via Guido Reni, presents Watergate Nacht, from 21.00, on Friday 7 May.

The event, which is co-organised with the famous Watergate Club in Berlin, features live dj sets playing German techno music. Also that weekend, the festival’s base becomes part of the capital’s Open House Roma circuit, which offers free guided tours of 170 of Rome’s most interesting, but normally out-of-bounds, sites.

The 30,000-sqm venue of Outdoor Extra is located near the Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo (MAXXI), in the Flaminio district of Rome. For full programme details see Outdoor Extra website or Facebook page.

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Address Ex Caserma, Via Guido Reni 7 (Flaminio).

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Watergate Nacht at Outdoor Extra

Ex Caserma, Via Guido Reni 7 (Flaminio).