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Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

9 Sept-4 Nov. Torinodanza, one of Italy's main contemporary dance showcases, opens again in September, to coincide with Mito Settembre Musicale (see Festivals in Italy). The programme has been designed to attract numerous dance categories and involves a cross-disciplinary approach to dance theatre, cinema, poetry and circus.

There are 26 productions (five of which are Italian premiers) involving 15 dance companies and seven countries (Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States).

The purpose on the festival is to stretch the limits of what can be defined as dance and to experiment with new possibilities, but it is also underpinned by top quality works by some of the world's best choreographers.

Kiss and Cry (9-13 Sept) opens the festival with a mix of choreography, theatre and film, where fingers in a miniature landscape dance out the story of a lonely old woman. Kamp (16-18 Oct) is another work that uses cinema and cartoon techniques to tell a story about Auschwitz. Impromptus (19 Sept), a lyrical piece set to the music of Schubert, is a chance for all fans of Germany's Sasha Waltz and Guests to see another of the company's works. The first choreogaphy by Andonis Foniadakis for Aterballetto (Antitesi) on 22 Sept (which premiered at Milan's Expo in June before going to the Ravenna festival) is one of the events not to miss. And there are also choreographies by Benjamin Millepied (Hearts and Arrows) and William Forsythe (Quintett) on 3-4 Nov.

Torinodanza is a festival founded by the city and the region in conjunction with the Compagnia S. Paolo and the Teatro Stabile di Torino.

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Teatro Stabile di Torino

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