23 Feb 2005. In City Twist, The Island of Misfit Toys, Broken Man, choreography by Stephen Petronio. Wildly acclaimed by audiences and critics, Stephen Petronio Company has performed in 22 countries world-wide. New music, visual art and fashion collide in Petronios dances, producing powerfully modern landscapes for the senses. Petronio has built a body of work with talented and provocative artists, including composers Laurie Anderson, Michael Nyman, James Lavelle, Beastie Boys, Yoko Ono, Diamanda Gals. He has also collaborated with visual artists and fashion designers. The 2003 work, The Island of Misfit Toys, is created as a series of adult gothic nursery rhymes. It features music by Lou Reed and visual design by Cindy Sherman. Island is a companion piece to City of Twist (2002) inspired by the charged and shifting landscape of New York City, with original music by Laurie Anderson.

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Address Piccolo Regio Laboratorio, tel. 0118815214.

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Stephen Petronio Company.

Piccolo Regio Laboratorio, tel. 0118815214.