Silvia Camporesi - Souvenir Universo

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Opening Saturday December 7, 2013 at 6 p.m. December 7, 2013 - February 1, 2014 Z2O Gallery | Sara Zanin is pleased to present Souvenir Universo of Silvia Camporesi. The title chosen for the third solo exhibition of the artist in our gallery - after Where All Become (2012) and Sifr – The Canonic Distance (2011) – originates from a word game: the two nouns, one in French and the other one in Italian, are each the anagram of the other one. Indeed, Camporesi’s new project is based on the perspective of meaning permutations, typical of the anagram game. Photography is the starting point: the artworks exhibited reflect on the conceptual and material ways in which photography can be explored. A picture of a fake sky and a motion image of a night wood, animated by fireflies, represent the counterpoint of video-photographs of a small burning volcano, or of a huge waterfall that descends in a slowed speed. The theme universe is here understood as a distinction of the four natural elements, represented by weaving together pretence and reality. Also in the second part of the exhibition, the place and its photographic memory – the souvenir – are a pretext to explore the many possibilities of the photographic language. Two big pictures of interior places, reminding the film Stalker of Andrej Tarkovskij, are not real but imaginary places, outcome of a Camporesi’s work, who took pictures of scale models in the studio, models expressly created for that aim. Then, the ancient Japanese technique of cutting and folding the paper is used by Camporesi on images of crumbling places, technique that adds a third dimension to the photography. With this last artistic intervention, the exploration of real and imaginary places gives to photography a new possibility of expression. The artist will be present at the opening.

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Silvia Camporesi - Souvenir Universo

via della vetrina 21, Rome