Plautilla lending library

Plautilla is a public lending library, located in Rome's Monteverde district, where people are free to give, take away or swap second-hand books. Users can donate any type of book, with the exception of textbooks, old encyclopedias and specialist manuals. You can not take more than two books at a time and it is up to you whether you return the books or not. Established by local cultural association Monteverdelegge in January 2013, Plautilla is housed in the department of mental health building and has become an important theraputic and social outlet for sufferers of mental health issues, as well as a busy centre for lovers of literature. Mon 09.30-18.30, Tues 16.00-19.30, Thurs 17.00-19.30. Plautilla, Via Colautti 28-30, Monteverde.