Outdoor Urban Art Festival

Under the theme What a wonderful city, the fourth edition of Outdoor Urban Art Festival continues its quest to highlight the city as a "centre for the production of new thought and the cradle of physical, economic and cultural miracles".

Once again artists from around the world have been invited to leave their mark on Rome, each offering a unique interpretation of public space. Organisers describe the initiative as a "collective effort to reinterpret what has been and what is no longer, while gambling what the Rome of tomorrow will be."

This year's art squad will set about changing the face of the capital, putting art at the centre of urban transformation. The festival presents an open platform showcasing urban art through its various facets: street art, photography, architecture and cinema.

Since the festival began four years ago, certain Roman districts such as Garbatella, S. Paolo and Ostiense have literally been transformed by urban art. 

A novelty this year is the introduction of "crowdfunding" to finance a mural on Via Caffaro in Garbatella by Sten & Lex, an internationally-recognised Italian duo of street artists whose work decorates some of the world's major cities. Supporters of the Garbatella mural can donate between €5 and €505 and in return will receive a limited edition serigraph print of the work.

All events are free. For the full programme and participating artists, see the festival website.