Five years in the making, the docu-musical "L'Orchestra di Piazza

Vittorio" follows the fortunes of Rome's very own multi-ethnic big band - from the first auditions on the streets of the Esquilino to the orchestra's sellout concert at the RomaEuropa Festival 2002. By turns hilarious, moving and inspiring, the film is the brainchild of director Agostino Ferrente and orchestra leader Mario Tronco (of Avion Travel fame).

The orchestra's unique blend of traditional ethnic and funky big band music provides the sound track for the stories of the musicians themselves - 30 in all from 15 countries - as they get to grips with the vicissitudes of life in Rome, permessi di soggiorno, tough immigration laws...and each other.

Now showing at the Greenwuch, Tibur and Quattro Fontane cinemas, "L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittoria" was given a rapturous reception at the Festival of Locarno and at the preview showing and concert in Piazza Vittorio last month.

"A marvellous metaphor for peaceful co-existence which should give our politicians and governments pause for thought before they endorse further wars" (Tullio Kezich - Corriere della Sera)

"One of the most exciting utopias of new 'Italian' Music" (Felice

Lipari - La Repubblica)

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Address The Greenwuch, Tibur and Quattro Fontane cinemas

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L'orchestra di Piazza Vittoria.

The Greenwuch, Tibur and Quattro Fontane cinemas