Italia Surf Expo in Rome

The 16th edition of the Italia Surf Expo takes place at S. Severa beach just outside Rome from 25-27 July.

In addition to the sport itself, the popular annual event is dedicated to all aspects of surfing culture and fashion, and is based around the S. Severa Castle on the beach.

The award-winning festival includes competitions, expert demonstrations and free courses in surfing and various affiliated water sports.

A special event this year is the Italian premiere of the award-winning surf movie Bella Vita, which will be screened on Saturday 26 July at 22.00.

Filmed entirely in Italy, the movie features well-known surfers such as Dave “Rasta” Rastovich, Chris Del Moro, the Coffin brothers, Parker and Conner, Lauren Hill, and Italy's Leonardo Fioravanti, Alessandro Ponzanelli and Nico Pinzauti.

The film is directed by Jason Baffa and portrays the stylish wave riding and lifestyle enjoyed by the group of high-profile surfers.

For full details see the Italia Surf Expo website or its Facebook event page.

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