Irish in Italy exhibition events

17-22 Nov. Two events are scheduled to take place in tandem with the ongoing exhibition Irish in Italy. Letteratura e politica irlandesi nella prima metà del Novecento.

17 Nov. Catherine Dunne and Federica Sgaggio, editors of the Italo-Irish anthology Tra una vita e l’altra, discuss literary connections between Ireland and Italy together with Gaja Cenciarelli, Francesca Melandri and Andrea Binelli (Università di Trento), at Feltrinelli International di Roma at 18.00. For details see Irish in Italy website.

22 Nov. Irishing Italy - Reading and Translating Ireland in Italy in the Twentieth Century, an international conference exploring the political links between the two nations, at the Rome Global Gateway Università Notre Dame at 14.30. Speakers include Debora Biancheri (NUI Galway), Antonio Bibbò (University of Manchester), Francesca Billiani (University of Manchester), Michael Cronin (DCU), Barry McCrea (Notre Dame), Daragh O’Connell (UCC), Franca Ruggieri (Università Roma Tre), George Talbot (Edge Hill University), Enrico Terrinoni (Perugia - Stranieri).

For details see Irish in Italy website

Photo R. Amal Serena